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The breafing

To get the best result first, it’s important to find what tasks and needs your website solves. For this, we need to figure out the briefing questions, analyze your direct competitors and market niche, do benchmarking and create the prototype of the target website.

Projects goal  analysis
Projects goal analysis
Competitors  and niche
Competitors and niche
Wireframe of basic structure
Wireframe of basic structure

UX/UI design

After approval of the prototype we start the design concept process – interface visualization and interactions. I introduce you the design concept and after you approve it I make the responsive versions for mobile devices.

Design <br> concept
Presentation and approval
Presentation and approval
Responsive versions
Responsive versions

Web Developing

During the development process, we don’t use any constructors, but we do it manually to ensure high-quality code, adaptability and completely release a thoughtful design. You’ll be able to test the working website and we can help you to add it to your own hosting. The result is the website that solve your business needs.

High quality code
High quality code
Website <br> test
Help with your hosting
Help with your hosting

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The process of making your website is a cooperation between us so we should be able to contact by voice to clarify intermediate issues, to approve the concepts and results. It is important to receive from you the answer and the necessary materials on time so that the process goes right and in a timely manner.

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What we need
What we need

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Each project is individual and in every stage from the brief to the working website, many processes are performed and are possible additional services such as copywriting, custom graphics, CMS integration and etc. as well. Accordingly, to come up with a quality end result we can start at $500 and at least 12 days of project duration.

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